Naming spaces: the Kingsbridge passageways

Interesting blog post about various lanes.


cc5n_p9wgaenmdw Squeezebelly Lane, running between Mill Street and Western Backway in Kingsbridge, Devon. Sometimes a bit of visual evidence is all you need to figure out why something is called what it is. Photo.

Somewhere out there, there’s a project waiting to be written on modern seasonal transhumance – the annual trek of the scattered to the lands of their fathers during the Christmas holiday, like Joseph returning to Bethlehem. In both my and OH’s cases though, our kin have left the homelands themselves for the South-West, and so it’s at this time of year we brave a hellish M5 and end up in Devon, Cornwall or both.

Over time you become very familiar with these adopted regions, and that’s certainly true of the entirely scenic South Hams of Devon, famous for its green lanes and rugged coastlines. When we’re there, we’re based near the medieval market town of Kingsbridge, at the Northernmost point of Salcombe harbour. As…

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