During May and June of 2011 I walked every lane in Verdun, Quebec, just to see what I would see. I took approximately 3500 pictures with the hope that some ideas might begin to take shape. Over time I realized that this was as much an adventure in scoping the old ‘hood as much as it was part of any documentary search. I was surprised to observe that there was still a lot of the old coal sheds in the backs of buildings, particularly behind triplexes on “The Avenues” and other older parts of the city. It started to become more an inventory of styles as the more an urban neighborhood changes, it often stays very much the same.

I have have always been fascinated by urban spaces, how they function and their possibilities. On this blog I hope to share some pictures and ideas along those lines based on my travels through Verdun’s lanes and what others are seeing in other parts of the world.

Verdun Lanes 7


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